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Roomrunner at the Exploding In Sound Records New Year’s Eve Eve show, Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn.


Denny made a mix tape for MTV:

Get Schooled On Noise Rock With Roomrunner’s Guest Mix For MTV Hive

“Noise rock is often written about like this: ‘The Jesus Lizard.’ Sure, they’re great and you’ve heard of them, but the genre has so much more to offer beyond that,” Denny Bowen, frontman of Baltimore noise-punk act Roomrunner, told Hive.

Coming off of a stint of shows drumming for fellow Baltimoreans Future Islands, Bowen is gearing up to record the follow-up to this year’s excellent Ideal Cities LP. Easily one of the most driven and most talented dudes in the current rock ‘n’ roll scene, he put together a reverse chronological mix for Hive showing the correlation between noise rock and the city of Baltimore.

For those of you not too familiar with noise rock, consider this a perfect starting point. “My computer/harddrive recently died, so this mix is kind of a ‘go-to’ for what I would make for someone,” Bowen said.

A Baltimore native, Bowen spent years performing with Yukon, Dan Deacon Ensemble, and the now defunct Double Dagger before forming Roomrunner. He harbors an obvious love for his city and all things noise, saying, “There is an undeniable relationship between these loves: the vast landscape of abandoned buildings and vacant lots has allowed musicians to hoard and stack a wall of amps and crank them into blissful, bone-shaking oblivion.”

Featuring some of Bowen’s current favorites – Multicult, Hive Bent, and Dope Body – the mix also takes us back in noise rock history with some deep cuts from Karp and Cherubs. Listen to this one loud — very, very loud. You won’t regret it.

01. Multicult - “Very Large Waveform”
02. Dope Body - “Lazy Slave”
03. Hive Bent - “The Observer”
04. Greys - “Carjack”
05. My Disco - “You Came To Me Like A Cancer Lain Dormant Until It Blossomed Like A Rose”
06. Calabi Yau - “Plastic Surgery Farm”
07. The New Flesh - “Sick”
08. Stars of the Dogon - “Old New Song”
09. Midiron Blast Shaft - “A1”
10. Karp - “Prison Shake”
11. Pencil - “Zip it Up”
12. Cherubs - “Carjack Fairy”
13. Love 666 - “U.S.A.”
14. Six Horse - “Don’t Doubt Annie”
15. Big’N - “King Hot Pants”
16. Shorty - “I Prefer ‘Nitwit’”